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If you're committed to enabling authentic connection, embracing diversity, and fostering inclusion, then becoming certified to use KeepWOL's team-building software is the right move for you!

A KeepWOL Certification is great for Consultants, Coaches, or Professional Facilitators in the fields of team-building, engagement, communication, talent development, culture management, leadership development, or any other human resources based profession that want to help their clients:

  • Develop deep rapport and trust within their teams to foster new ideas, process improvements, and quality output

  • Cultivate a corporate philosophy of inclusion, equity, and diversity that welcomes and attracts skilled and motivated employees

  • Build employee loyalty by creating a culture that celebrates and appreciates the talents and unique qualities of each personality.

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1-Day (8hr) training includes:

  • Training on KeepWOL’s 3Cs facilitation approach

  • Participation in a Live KeepWOL session

  • Software training

  • Instructions on how to set up and host KeepWOL sessions

  • Practice facilitation with peer feedback

  • Tips & Tricks Guide

  • How to market your certification and provide services

  • Access to KeepWOL's Facilitator Resource Center

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Authorization to facilitate/host KeepWOL sessions

Next Training is Friday, June 25th

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